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Surgical Skills Competion Winners

Dr. Gerard McKnight is a Royal Navy ST4 General Surgery Registrar currently training in the Wales Deanery. He graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2013 and completed Foundation Training in the East Midlands Deanery. He joined the Royal Navy in 2015 and after completing the All-Arms Commando Course he deployed with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines across the world, including Cold Weather training in Norway and Jungle training in Brunei. In 2017 he was deployed to the British Virgin Islands as part of the UK’s humanitarian response to the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. On completion of General Duties he undertook Core Surgical Training in London, including a short training visit to Sierra Leone, teaching trauma skills to Community Health Officers in the rural Kambia district of northern Sierra Leone. He started Higher Surgical training in 2020 and has an interest in Trauma, Emergency General Surgery and Global Surgery.

Dr. Michael Kelly is a Specialist Registrar in General Surgery in the London Deanery. After obtaining an intercalated Bachelor of Science Degree In Surgery & Anaesthesia at Imperial College London, he completed his undergraduate medical studies at the University of Liverpool in 2014. That year he co-founded theSTARSurg Student Audit & Research collaborative and maintains a keen interest in academic surgery. His career interest is focused on minimally invasive gastrointestinal surgery and he sits on the Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons Trainee Academy Council. Upon completion of a stint working in Acute Care & Trauma Surgery in Australia, he began his core and subsequent higher surgical training in London.


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