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Tercentenary Commemorative Pieces

Dear Fellow Knight,

You will remember that last year we commissioned several commemorative pieces for our tercentenary. They were a bowl in silver and glass; a silver model of the ‘Sword in the Stone’; silver cufflinks; engraved champagne flutes and a lady’s brooch/pendant. The hallmarked silver pieces were designed and made by Grant Macdonald of London (, the flutes are of Czech crystal and the brooches were designed by Didy Grahame and made by Anne Morgan of Penarth.


The uptake has been very positive and we thought it reasonable to circulate the membership again and add to our website to ensure that anyone who missed out on the first option to purchase the items might have another opportunity.


I have shown illustrations and prices below for your consideration and trust you will consider the cost reasonable in the circumstances.


Please direct your preferences and any enquiries to me ( and I will try to facilitate the orders.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Best wishes,


David Jones (Deputy Knight President)

Sword in the Stone.  £600, inc VAT

The silver piece is engraved; ‘The Honourable Society of Knights of The Round Table 1720-2020’.

Dimensions; Base is 10cm square and height 9cm.

Tercentenary Sword in the Stone_edited.jpg

Silver Cufflinks.  £200, inc VAT

Tercentenary Silver plate and Bowl.png

Silver and Glass Bowl.  £450 inc VAT

Silver Cufflinks.  £200, inc VAT

Champagne Flute

Champagne Flute, engraved with Society’s crest.

Available in pairs or multiples thereof.

Cost £20 per pair

Tercentenary Ladys Silver Brooch.jpg
Tercentenary Ladys Silver Brooch.jpg

Engraved Lady’s Silver Brooch or Pendant £150 inc. VAT

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