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Introduction To Our Awards

For many years, The Society has given support to young people while they are  in professional training and to Overseas Students at British Universities selected by The British Council or chosen by Fellow Knights to become "Esquires."

Annual awards are also given to London based branches of the Tri Service cadets as well as to an East London branch of the Scouts and Explorer Scouts.   Other annual awards are:

  • the HMS Dasher Award to the outstanding Royal Navy University Unit - the history of HMS Dasher can be seen here:

  • an award to the most deserving Oxbridge undergraduate leaving St. Paul's Way Trust School in Tower Hamlets. 

Now that the Colleges, which select for us young people of outstanding abilities in their chosen fields of music, art, conservation and other creative activities, are Associated with The Society, we propose to list the names of these determined young people who have, in recent years, received our Awards.

We will then endeavour to keep in touch with the students and their Colleges  and from time  time include here stories of real significance, which can enhance their careers and offer credit to these wonderful training institutions which developed their talents into professional skills.

Recent Awards

Arts Educational Schools London


Chelsea College of Art

City and Guilds of London Arts School

The Royal Academy of Art

  • 2015 Daniel Dumin (Design products)

  • 2015 Andrea Zucchini (Sculpture)
  • 2014 Cibelle Cavalli Bastos (Painting)

  • 2014 Holly May Mahoney (Service Design)

The Royal Academy of Music​

The Royal College of Music

The Inner Temple

The Middle Temple

The Guildhall School of Music

  • 2015 Andrew Brown (Tenor)

  • 2014 Ryan James (French Horn)

  • 2013 Alessandro Fisher (Tenor)

  • 2012 Lauren Reeve-Rawlings (French Horn)

The Royal School of Needlework


The Royal College of Surgeons


St. Paul's Way Trust School

  • 2021 Bilal Ahmed (Maths - Cambridge University)

  • 2021 Adnaan Ali (French and German - Cambridge)

  • 2019 Ajfar Hussain

  • 2017 Jumana Haque (Physics - Lady Margaret Hall)

  • 2016 Tanvir Rafe (Medicine - Balliol College)

College of Policing Award

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