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Becoming a Member

We warmly welcome new members. Membership is open to all who can gain from membership by their involvement in the aims of The Society and enjoy the company of their Fellow Knights.

  • For applicants known to existing members, there is a process of introduction by a present member followed by an interview.

  • Alternatively a CV may be submitted, for consideration by the society’s Chapter, to the Knight Remembrancer Tim Philp c/o
    A member of Chapter would then arrange an informal meeting and if that goes well, the applicant would then be invited to attend one of our dinners, at their own expense, to meet the rest of us in order to judge our mutual compatibility. 

The criteria for acceptance is very much the discovery of mutual values and interests. We like to choose individuals who will contribute to the aims of the Society and who will take an active role in all that we do. Of particular value to us are those who are keen to mentor and support young people in need of financial, moral and professional help and guidance once their higher education or professional training has ended.

​The Society welcomes enquiry about its Benevolent Role, its Membership process and its Activities. The Society is similar to a City of London Livery Company, in that Membership is by invitation following application to The Membership Committee or by commendation of a current Member.

 Anyone enquiring about corporate sponsorship should complete the form below.

 Anyone requiring contact with The Officers of The Society or further information related to The Society should get in touch using the "Contact Us" button below.   

 Please note that The Society cannot be bound to respond to enquiries, because it is not an organisation but comprises members who give their time voluntarily to the good of order of The Society. 

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