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Charitable Activity

All Knights individually pledge an annual gift aided donation to the fund, the sum currently suggested being £250.  This money, together with the income from our investments, allows the Society to distribute awards totalling up to £35,000 annually. 

Currently the following training colleges are helping us choose our award winners annually:-

  • City and Guilds of London Art School :  Three awards

  • Royal College of Music :  Two awards

  • Royal Academy of Music :  One award

  • Royal School of Needlework:  One award

  • The Arts Educational School:  One award

  • Tri-Service Cadets: Twelve awards

  • Territorial Army: One award

  • Scout Association: Grant to a London Troup

  • Middle Temple, Lloyd Jacob Award:  One award

  • Inner Temple, Bernard Sunley Award:  One award

  • The Royal College of Surgeons, Louis Solomon Award:  Two prizes at a National competition for surgical skills

  • Chelsea College of Art:  One award

  • St Paul’s Way Trust School:  One award

These Awards may vary from year to year, on recommendation of the Camelot Committee and with approval of Chapter and The Knight President.

Award winners are invited to attend a dinner, where the musicians will entertain guests afterwards and the legal scholars will perform a mock trial or hold a debate.  The artists exhibit examples of their work during the Award Winners lunch.

The Society’s publication, ” The Knights’ Chronicle” and its website will note the progress and successes of out award winners and promote their interests to a wider audience.


We hope this brief introduction to the Honourable Society will have whetted your appetite and stimulated an interest to explore further and possibly enter our fellowship.  The Society is always keen to seek new knights interested in our aims.  Application is by the personal recommendation from a present knight, ratified by Chapter (our executive committee).

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