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What We Do

The Society’s aims have had many interpretations over nearly 300 years of its existence, as its brief history, described below, reveals. Presently, Fellow Knights of The Society, gather together around six times a year, in some of the most historic and elegant venues in Westminster and The City of London. With our personal guests, we enjoy the settings for our fine dinners in Armourers’ Hall, The Middle or Inner Temple, or The Peers Dining Room of The House of Lords and learn the personal views of our official guests, chosen for their outstanding contribution to life in Britain and the world as it is today.  With us will be some of our Annual Award Holders, present and past, whose interests are described below, since we not only give financial awards to these special  young people, but continue to support them with advice and personal interest when they have left their colleges or institutions, offering mentoring and career advice and by being there in case of urgent need.


We are delighted to be able to help young musicians, choristers, craftsmen and women, law students, cadets of the armed forces, Scouts, artists, sculptors, surgeons and nurses. We are treated to performances and presentations by our Award and Bursary holders at our dinners and take great pleasure in hearing their news and following their amazing careers.

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