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Chelsea College of Arts Award 2018

Andrew Pierre Hart

Introducing a series of informal chats between Didy Graham, and the Society’s Awardees. For many years, the society has given support to young people while they are in professional training, Introducing a series of informal chats between Knight Didy Graham on how the award has helped the Awardees study’s with accompanying images by our Knight Photographer.


Visiting the Chelsea College of Art with Andrew Hart.

A highly inspirational artist working in many mediums and showing great collaboration in working with a current Knights’Awardee (Basoonist, Miss Alanna Macfarlane). Andrew and Alanna plan to work together with music and art. Their joint desires are to collaborate and undertake research into synesthenia (i.e. how particular types of music brings out forms of colour in art).

Andrew first studied art at school and attained his first award at the age of 15 by winning the second prize for the Watford Water Board, continuing his studies to an A level standard. After leaving school Andrew worked alone and intensively with his own creations, from this period Andrew was able to build up a large portfolio of works that impressed sufficiently enough that he was recommended to take a foundation course prior to being accepted by the Chelsea College of Art for a degree course. It was at Chelsea where he was part sponsored by the Knights. He has now been accepted by the RCA for his Masters Degree. Andrew’s talents are put to good use in helping and assisting students at The Chelsea College of Art with tutorials, discussions and workshops, and as an intern tutor all in conjunction with his own studies at the CCA. Andrew is a ‘mature student’ and he has a natural ability to communicate with younger students and much enjoys having the opportunity to pass on his love of colour, music and art, that he gained in his early years of art study. Andrew is thrilled to be studying and creating art in Central London, in particular at the CCA. Working toward his disser­tation Andrew is thoughtful in how he is able to present a piece of work that may be different and challenging to his exam­iners.

Andrew was able to meet some of the knights at the recent Awardees Lunch, and chat to many of the Knights present. Asked what thoughts he had on our society he was very enthusiastic in how the society helps to keep the arts alive, and to work with younger persons. It was an honour to photograph Andrew alongside a recent artwork entitled: Nighttime electronics (graphic score)

Andrews work can be viewed on his website

In Conversation with Knight Didy Graham

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