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2020 Sergeant Ben Sparkes (Forensic studies)

May 2020 Update from Sergeant Ben Sparkes:

The first year of my MA – Intelligence and International Security is now over. This was my first foray into higher education after leaving school at a very young age, without even a GCSE! I had thought, sadly, that my education would not progress further and if I’m honest, I had built deep insecurities around my lack of formal education. The generosity of the Knights of the Round Table helped me to purchase a laptop and numerous text books to study during the year. I have genuinely loved the experience of learning and have found Kings College to be a wonderful environment to push myself and develop my education. I have achieved a distinction in two of my three modules, and I am on track to achieve a distinction in my third, results published at the end of this month! Next academic year I have one further module and my dissertation, I am striving to achieve a distinction over all.

I cannot express enough just how inspiring and encouraging the support from the Knights of The Round Table has been. You really did set me up to achieve something that I had felt unachievable for many years. Thank you!!!


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