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Lauren Reeve-Rawlings' French Horn Dreams

Lauren Reeve-Rawlings was selected for our Award to The Guildhall School of Music & Drama in 2012. The Society also provided from our Benevolent Fund a significant contribution to her purchase of a very special French Horn which, with her developing musical experience, greatly enhance her career.

“My name is Lauren and I am a French horn player currently studying in Austria. How did I end up here? Well, I began to study the horn seriously in London at the Guildhall School of Music Drama where I studied with many prestigious professional horn players.

Towards the end of my bachelor degree I was lucky enough to buy a brand new instrument made in Germany by Alexander Mainz. The cost of this instrument was partly funded by the Honourable society of the knights of the round table. This instrument has allowed me to progress from student level to a fully fledged professional musician. With this new instrument I wanted to take my musical training further and study in mainland Europe with one of the players I have long admired. I am now in Graz learning from Hector McDonald, the principal horn player of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. With Hector I combine the old and the new, playing Vienna horn – a historic instrument that is used only in Austrian orchestras – as well as the normal French horn. I made the move abroad to stretch me personally and musically as the Vienna horn is a much harder instrument to play. The last six months performing on this more challenging instrument has meant that when I play on my beautiful Alexander I am able to perform with ease and fluency.

The honourable society also helped to fund my studies at Guildhall, and I am extremely grateful for this. My time in London opened many doors and has been a springboard into what I believe will be a successful career as a French horn player. The knights have taken a genuine interest in my future as a musician and I hope to continue being involved with such a genuine, supportive and inspirational society.”

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