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Tianlang Zhou -Royal College of Music 2023 Awardee Update

4 January 2024


Dear Members of Knights of the Round Table,

I want to convey my sincere appreciation to you of my scholarship. Your generous help have significantly influenced my musical journey. Thank you so much for your huge support, I am able to pursue my music ambitions with increased determination and a stronger sense of purpose.

Throughout the Autumn Term at the Royal College of Music, I've been fortunate to participate in a diverse array of rewarding musical opportunities. I had the opportunity to participate in masterclasses by pianist Lang Lang, and it was excited to watch his live concert in the Royal Albert Hall. Additionally, I was fortunate to learn a new programme, including Ravel La Valse, Brahms Piano Sonata No.2 and Medtner Sonata Reminiscenza under the guidance of my professor Mrs. Norma Fisher and our exceptional faculty.

To top it off, I also attended a family concert put on by my professor.

Looking ahead to the Spring Term at the Royal College of Music, I'm really looking forward to the masterclasses and performances at the RCM, and I'm hoping to be able to attend more performances and competitions in my final year of my academic career, and I was offered a recital at a concert hall in Mill Hill in January. The upcoming Spring Term holds great potential, and I'm excited to embark on the musical journey it offers.

Your support in my musical education not only alleviates the financial strain but also motivates me to excel in academics and make a positive impact in my community.

I am profoundly grateful for your kindness and assistance, and I am dedicated to seizing this opportunity to its fullest. Thank you sincerely for turning my educational aspirations into a reality.


Yours sincerely,

Tianlang Zhou


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