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Denisa Maniola - Royal School of Needlework 2022

I am a 19-year-old Romanian student, currently very happy that she’s getting to write back to you! But on a more serious note, I came here with my parents when I was 11. The massive life change has proved to be challenging, but non the less, very rewarding! In all my 8 years of being in the UK, 2021-2022, proved to be the most challenging. The adjustment to university, living by myself, and having to go through a multitude of family issues in my first academic year, proved to be more difficult than I anticipated. However, nothing great comes easy. Over the summer, I was able to really come to my senses and was able to make a complete turnaround of my attitude regarding university. I am now a well-rounded student and am constantly working to become the greatest version of myself.


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