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Knight Excalibur, Terence Mallinson: "In Remembrance"

We are deeply saddened to announce that our much loved and respected Knight Excalibur, Terence Mallinson, passed away, aged 90 years, on 11 December 2019. Terence played an enormous part in the success of the Honourable Society of Knights of the Round Table over almost seventy years;  rising at one time to become its President and an active member of itsTrustees. His family connection to the Society covers generations - his Father also having been one of a long list of notable and eminent former Presidents. Thankfully, the Mallinson family connection will not be lost as both Terence's wife Anne and son Michael are also Knights. Over the years, Terence made many valuable contributions to the

Thanks from Ethlinn Walls, the new ArtsEd awardee

I am incredibly grateful to have been chosen and look forward to meeting you when things are safer. I am from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and moved to London when I was 18 for a foundation course at Mountview before being offered a place on the degree at ArtsEd. I have loved every minute of it, and look forward to being back training in a few weeks. Although the time at home with family has been wonderful! I am really looking forward to third year, with the year that it has been, third year shows are something I am very much looking forward to. I look forward to learning more about the society and once again am incredibly grateful for this opportunity! Look forward to meeting you and ev

Music from Matthew McLachlan (one of 2020 RCM awardees)

Matthew McLachlan has sent us some wonderful links to videos of his online performances of some stunning piano music:

2020 Sergeant Ben Sparkes (Forensic studies)

May 2020 Update from Sergeant Ben Sparkes: The first year of my MA – Intelligence and International Security is now over. This was my first foray into higher education after leaving school at a very young age, without even a GCSE! I had thought, sadly, that my education would not progress further and if I’m honest, I had built deep insecurities around my lack of formal education. The generosity of the Knights of the Round Table helped me to purchase a laptop and numerous text books to study during the year. I have genuinely loved the experience of learning and have found Kings College to be a wonderful environment to push myself and develop my education. I have achieved a distinction in two