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Fraser McAdam - ArtsEd - Musical theatre actor/singer

Fraser McAdam at the Guinevere DInner 2022

As long as I can remember I have wanted to be an actor. Apart from a brief moment at the age of 5 where I wanted to be an astronaut... I was very lucky to grow up with a lot of exposure to the Cinema, Plays and Musicals.

Growing up in Perth, Scotland, my school frequently put on Musicals. And naturally, I was adamant on playing the lead. One year I was lucky enough to do so. Performing gave me an overwhelming, indescribable feeling of joy. This feeling is what I have been chasing ever since. A year later my family moved to Edinburgh. Luckily for me, the new school also held a musical. And once again, I played the lead. This consolidated my need to perform. Watching the show, a teacher of mine recommended an Amateur Dramatics society to join. A space where I was surrounded by likeminded people. With a love and need to express themselves. Here, I learnt a lot about how to enter the industry, how to get better, and where to train. This led me to my first Musical Theatre Course. Fierce Theatre Schools. My most formative years. Seven hours a week of after school classes across the three disciplines. Alongside this I filled my time with any other classes I could get my hands on. Acting for Screen, Music, you name it. Through my time at Fierce, I heard of an Amateur Theatre company that does shows to a very high standard. So naturally, I had to take part! 'The Beyond Broadway Experience'. A two-week, summer boot camp style rehearsal period. This was the next level. The professional experience. These shows surrounded me with some of the best the country had to offer. Those serious enough about Musical Theatre to go to Drama School. This is where I heard about ArtsEd. The 'Fame' School. Which ironically is a show we did with Beyond Broadway. I set my heart on it. Hours upon hours of practice, above and beyond what my friends were doing. After all, I knew I didn't just have to outperform my friends. I had to outperform the country. And thankfully, that hard work payed off. It is what has allowed me to write this to you. But as has been ever present in my career - and what my beloved Mum so often reminds me - "The Hard Work Starts Now".


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